Nissan D23 Navara Remote

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Nissan D23 Navara Remote

Starting State

All doors closed, check interior light is on auto and working and key in ign chime is working 

1. Lock doors with central lock switch on driver’s door. Ensure all doors lock. 

2. Within 10 seconds, Insert & remove a working key from ignition 6-8 times until the doors unlock. 

3. Very quickly insert key it to ignition, turn to the ON position and re-lock the doors using the central lock switch on the driver’s door. The Vehicle is now in programming 

4. Press unlock button on new remote. The doors will unlock. 

5. Remove the key from the ignition, open and close the driver’s door to exit programming.


If it will not go into programming mode, try using a diagnostic tool to program the remote or Read and clear DTC's (Faults)

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