Nissan Pulsar Remote Programming

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Nissan Pulsar Remote Programming

All must be re programmed

Starting state:
Doors closed key out of Ignition interior light on auto

Step 1: Put Key into ignition

Step 2: Switch ignition on

Step 3: Turn on - off 6x

Step 4: Leave Key in ignition

Step 5:
Wait 2-3 seconds for hazards to flash

Step 6:
Press and hold the unlock button on the remote
Step 7: Press the lock button 3x

Step 8: Release unlock button

Step 9:
Press and release the unlock button

Step 10: Hazards will flash

Step 11:
Repeat steps 6-8 for subsequent remotes

Step 12:
Turn Ignition on to confirm and exit programming

Notes: If this doesn't work try 3x on-off

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